Aims and Scope of AQIJ 


AQIJ provides an interdisciplinary forum for qualitative methodology and related issues in the human sciences. It publishes original peer-reviewed analyses that individually and collectively establish new Asian research and discourse informed by Asian philosophies, epistemologies, ontologies, cultures, histories, and experiences



 A Valuable Resource

New theories and interpretations of Asian phenomena and experiences would direct scholars toward both acknowledging and theorizing how Asian values and perceptions would benefit the advancement of Asian qualitative research. In doing so, AQIJ promotes the internationalization of Asian discourse of both methodologies as well as intellectual discourses in different disciplines



 Comprehensive Coverage

The journal publishes peer-reviewed research articles that focus on qualitative research that

pursues new possibilities in Asian ontological, epistemological, and methodological

perspectives not subsumed under those of the West. 



 An Interdisciplinary Perspective

The papers published in AQIJ transcend disciplinary, ethnic, gender, national, and paradigmatic boundaries, presenting research from such varied fields as



 Cultural Studies



 Family Studies







 Oral History


 Social Work




 Current Scholarship

AQIJ covers diverse topics spanning many fields and disciplines:

 History, Philosophy, and Asian Values

 Life, Culture, and Ethnography

 Children, Family, and Development

 Schooling, Shadow Education, Trans-boundary Learning Culture

 Migration, Multiculturalism, and Changing Identities

 Women, Race, and Subaltern Studies

 Asian I and Autoethnography

 Fieldwork, Representation, and Politics of Writing

 Ethnic Studies, Post-Orientalism, and Post-West Research

 Brave New Asia and Leading Trends

 Asia as Discourse